Psychological Evaluations

NPES provides a wide range of psychological and educational testing. Testing is often recommended to determine an accurate diagnosis or to develop a more detailed and precise treatment plan to address your specific difficulties. Every evaluation is individually developed to answer your individual referral question.

Sometimes our abilities are not reflected in the school work we produce. One of the factors that may contribute to academic difficulties is an underlying disability.

If you suspect this may be the case of your child in grade school, please contact your school to be evaluated to receive IEP services. By law, schools are required to provide evaluations at no cost to you.

If you are starting college and have been receiving accommodations during grade school or struggling at college, a history of receiving accommodations through an IEP is sometimes not sufficient to receive services at your college.

If you have been receiving services but require official documentation for the purpose of determining accommodations on standardized tests such as PSAT, SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT etc.

If you require a second opinion, the most economical option is to request testing from a Psychology graduate school. Graduate students in training will administer the test under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

UCLA’s Psychological Testing

NPES provides full evaluations including evaluations for learning disabilities, ADHD, and Autism at competitive prices. All tests are administered, scored and interpreted by licensed psychologists. All assessments include a detailed written report as well as a full explanation of all results, implications for diagnoses and a complete list of practical recommendations for school, work and social situations.

If you are requesting a bilingual English-Japanese evaluation, NPES provides these services.

How Evaluations work

During the first session, we will conduct an intake interview and review school records as well as previous testing. We will begin by administering a standard battery (group of tests) to address your specific referral question.

After the standard battery is scored and interpreted, we may require additional testing to further clarify findings.

Once all testing is completed, we will schedule a 30 minute session to review the results and you will receive a written report.