Educational Services

At NPES, we are focused on maximizing the potential of all our clients. Aspects that often become an obstacle to our success are those encountered in the Academic setting. Sometimes it’s a language or cultural barrier keeping us from utilizing our maximum skills in the American setting. Sometimes the material we are trying to learn does not fit our unique set of skills and abilities. Sometimes inadequate organizational skills, such as in note taking, study skills, time management etc. become obstacles on our path to success. And finally sometimes developing the motivation and maintaining sustained effort to completing the educational tasks becomes a herculean challenge.

At NPES, we offer educational and academic services to address these issues. We provide instructors to assess the current obstacles toward success in academic issues and provide services from direct tutoring to developing structures to address each individual’s unique needs. Each instructor will be supervised by a Ph.D. level instructor to ensure services meet the NPES standard of excellence. Together with your instructor you will pave the road through the academics to reach the other side: to become one step closer to your dreams.